Work Groups

Consistent with the IADC Red Thread program, the SAPC discussion forums shall provide the environment to initiate the catalysts that will lead to improved industry performance through enhanced operational integrity and better cross-industry regulation.

The SAPC membership is comprised of representatives from drilling contractors, drilling service and supply companies, manufacturing companies, and producing companies in the area, and the general discussion forums allow important issues from all parts of the upstream industry to be tabled and openly discussed. Whilst some issues can be resolved as non-issues through open discussion by the members, others may require more focused discussion.

The SAPC facilitates Discussion Groups to progress those industry issues that the membership has deemed most important. The number of Discussion Groups is limited and each follows a disciplined resolution process. Discussion Groups shall maximize collaboration between all cross-industry stakeholders in the issue to ensure issue resolution is effective and efficient.   Where a Discussion Group identifies an important industry issue as being of critical importance to the industry, it will be referred to IADC for consideration as an industry-wide issue to be resolved with IADC facilitation.

Discussion Groups, through the IADC Red Thread framework, can access other Chapter Discussion Groups to ensure effective collaboration on any common issues being worked on.

With capable expertise in its membership, the SAPC has the ability to contribute to those progressive incremental steps so important to achieving performance improvement across the area.

Please join us at our quarterly meetings to add your contribution to help SAPC make a positive impact in our area. If you have an industry issue that you think requires broader industry attention and you wish it to be tabled in the next meeting please send a brief outline of the issue to

Let your opinion count, be part of the SAPC.