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Consistent with the IADC Red Thread program, the SAPC discussion forums shall provide the environment to initiate the catalysts that will lead to improved industry performance through enhanced operational integrity and better cross-industry regulation.

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Rowan Drilling Services Ltd.
PO Box 23298, Office No. 5 & 6, Regus Bldg. D-Ring Road
Contact Persons:
Mickie Killion+974 4 406 3500
Frankie Sykes+974 4 406 3500
Glenn White+974 4 406 3500

Company Overview:

My company has changed it's name to Rowan Drilling Services Limited here in Qatar. We are a contractor that supply drilling rigs. We are currently under contract with Maersk in Doha, Qatar. We have nine rigs in Saudi and one rig in Qatar waters. We have 7 plus Hi-Tec Jack-up rigs and plans of building four new Drill ships that can drill in 12,000' of water. We have been in the oil business for 90 years.

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