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Consistent with the IADC Red Thread program, the SAPC discussion forums shall provide the environment to initiate the catalysts that will lead to improved industry performance through enhanced operational integrity and better cross-industry regulation.

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SFC - Dubai Fastener Manufacturing LLC
Dubai Investment Park 2, PO Box 643897
United Arab Emirates
Contact Person:
Steve Lawrence+971 4 885 3121

Company Overview:

SFC Dubai within their facility in the UAE, hold substantial stocks of a comprehensive range of Standard and Non Standard Industrial Fastener products in all the Popular Petrochemical Grades of material used within the industry. In addition SFC Dubai are able to Manufacture and Heat Treat (In House) from their own material bar stock, special products required in various grades of, Alloy Steel,  Stainless Steel, Aluminium/Silicon Bronze, Duplex, Super Duplex and Exotic specifications of materials. SFC Dubai are also experts in the application of a wide range of PTFE Coatings which are applied using its own in-house Blasting, Coating and Curing equipment.

SFC Dubai also offers to local Industry as a “Whitford Plastics Approved Applicator” a high quality Sub Contract Coating Service, for the application of a comprehensive range of Surface Finishes from conventional PTFE through to Ceramic, applied onto customers own components large and small and will offer to coat any quantity needed by its customers.






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