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Consistent with the IADC Red Thread program, the SAPC discussion forums shall provide the environment to initiate the catalysts that will lead to improved industry performance through enhanced operational integrity and better cross-industry regulation.

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Petrofac Group
SkillsVX (Part of the Petrofac Group), Level 12th Flr, Bargelaan 200, 2333 CW
Contact Persons:
Ed Gittenberger+31 71 760 1660
Arjan Straathof+31 71 760 1660
Petrofac House, Tower II, Al-Khan Road, PO Box 23467
United Arab Emirates
Contact Persons:
Phil Blewitt+971 6 574 0999
Gary Gibson+971 6 574 0999
Oilennium Ltd. (Part of the Petrofac Group), Seymour House, Loddon, NR14 6JD
United Kingdom
Contact Persons:
Kevin Keable+44 (0) 1508 552 700
Sam O'Hara+44(0) 1508 552 700
Ian Smith+44 (0) 1508 552 700

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